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West One Products LLC is an award-winning manufacturer and consumer products distributor based in Fort Worth, Texas. The founder and owner, Robert Liang, began his career in Taiwan where he manufactured children’s furniture. Liang’s fine attention to detail and craftsmanship created beautiful lacquered-finish, laminated wood stock in exciting designs. Liang brought his 30-years’ experience to the U.S. and founded West One Products LLC in 2004.

Liang is a staunch supporter of re-energizing United States manufacturing. “We are committed to producing quality, value-added products, and passing our knowledge on to the next generations of Americans,” says Liang. The West One Products’ Shoe Pal® is an exciting example of Liang’s commitment to U.S. manufacturing. Using the skills of American-based design and prototyping partners, Liang has brought several new products to the marketplace, including Shoe Pal®, Wing Hangers, Jump ‘n’ More and ShovelMate. The overall direction of West One Products is to introduce consumer products that say, “Why didn’t I think of that.”